Interview with a vampire

It was very late at night and in a luxury hotel room two people were sitting in front of a table, with a smartphone between them set to record what was being said
-“Wow, this is such an honor, one doesn’t get to know vampires exist and get an interview with the most famous of them ever”- said the woman.
-“I imagine so, vampires usually don’t want to be known”- replied the vampire-“We like the fact that stories about us are considered fiction and folklore, that we don’t exist but in the mind of authors or the middle of legends”
– “I don’t even know where to begin… How did you become a vampire?”
-“It’s complicated, and something I don’t like to talk about, but I’ll tell you that your authors only guessed part of it”
-“Ok, next question. Count, how do you feel about Bram Stoker’s book?”
-“Stoker had a good imagination. I don’t know if he even imagined there was a vampire Dracula, but the rest of the story was all him. It’s not that I belong to the romanticized idea of vampire it’s that what he wrote is fiction. Reading it is the same as if you read a book in which one of the main characters has your name”

-“What about vampire movies? Do you like them?”
-“I like several of them, I find them amusing. Human pretending to be vampires it’s funny for me. As for movies about Dracula, it’s interesting to see how will they depict Stoker’s character”
-“You say Stoker’s character… you don’t feel identified with him?”
-“Do you feel identified with everybody that shares your name? It’s the same here”- he paused as if pondering -“and yet sometimes I do feel like it’s about me”
-“What’s your favorite Dracula depiction then?”
-“There have been so many of them and I like some, of course one of those is the Bela Lugosi one, but there are others like the one by Gary Oldman. I’m not even remotely like those characters but those are good ones”
-“I have this question that’s been cause of debate. Are you Vlad Tepes?”
-“No, I just took the name after I became what I am. In a way I wanted to pay homage to a great leader of his time. I’m indeed a nobleman and from the same general area as him.”
-“Are there other vampires?”
-“Yes, but only a few remain and you will never know who or where they are”
-“You used the word ‘remain’ were they killed by hunters? are there hunters?”
-“We are not completely immortal, there are several ways of killing us and for us to end our existence if eternity becomes too unbearable. When you’re a mortal, living forever has it’s appeal but when you realize what it really means you become aware it can be hell”
-“What happens when you go out in the sun? Do you burst into flame? get hurt? sparkle? ”
-“Nothing, I can walk in the sun and only faeries sparkle, Stephenie Meyers must have been delusional when she wrote that. Sunlight has no effect on us, but depending on age it can diminish our powers. The bursting into flame when in sunlight, having no reflection and several other myths were things we invented to protect ourselves”
-“I see…So it’s there a way to know a vampire?”
-“Only if you are one”
-“At the beginning you said vampires like secrecy, so why grant me this interview? Why tell me the truth about vampires?”
-“Because when you publish this interview, as I know you will, it will be dismissed as fiction, but you… you will be wiser. You wanted to know for the sake of knowing not to use that information against us. Dawn it’s approaching and we both need our sleep so you have to be on your way”
-“I still have a million questions, but I understand this was a one time opportunity for which I thank you deeply Count.” – said the woman gathering her things and leaving.

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